Transcription and restoration

With extensive experience – gained from a lifetime’s love of music, and of the technology that carries it – and using first-rate professional recording and playback equipment, we can transcribe and restore most analogue audio formats.

Gramophone records (to give them their full BBC name!) are transferred using a broadcast standard turntable (Technics SP10-II) and a range of stylii (needles if you must) and pickup cartridges, chosen to extract the best possible sound from the source disc. Disc transfers can then be processed using sophisticated digital algorithms that can pretty much eliminate clicks, rumble and crackle without making the result muffled or dead-sounding.

Audio transcription services include:

  • Transferring vinyl or shellac gramophone records to digital (cassette or open-reel analogue tape also available), with comprehensive audio restoration as required
  • Transferring 1/4 inch open-reel tapes to digital (or analogue cassette if you prefer) – we can cope with various different track formats and tape speeds
  • Transferring cassette tapes to digital
  • Post-transfer restoration and enhancement (note: we will always give you a copy of the un-processed “open” transfer in addition)