Electronics Consulting

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With a higher degree in electrical & electronic engineering together with thirty five years of industrial experience, ATRL owner Mike Turner offers in-depth expertise across a wide range of topics, including power electronics, electrical machines and their control, electronic circuit and systems design, audio engineering, energy management and many other engineering topics. Expertise we can offer includes:

  • Creative and holistic design of circuits & systems
  • Simplifying difficult/complex problems
  • Problem & failure analysis, root cause etc.
  • Product and technology strategy
  • Electronically controlled motors
  • Power electronics & switched mode power conversion
  • Analogue and digital electronics, signal processing
  • System modelling and dynamics
  • Active loudspeakers, loudspeaker nonlinearities
  • Audio electronics
  • Design with vacuum tubes (valves)
  • Control systems – classical, state-space and non-linear
  • Product design, agency approvals & manufacturing
  • Basic mechanical engineering and acoustics
  • History of electronics, audio & broadcasting
  • Business management & entrepreneurship
  • Manufacturing systems
  • Quality control

With a network of contacts developed over decades in engineering, we can also connect you with, or bring in additional know-how from, a diverse range of external experts and suppliers.