ATRL has two main areas of focus:

Active loudspeakers: Active Transducer Research Ltd (ATRL, to our friends) was formally established in 2018 by electronics and audio engineer Dr Michael J Turner. The company’s primary mission is to develop and commercialise novel control methods for moving coil loudspeakers – a technology which is able to significantly improve the performance of conventional moving coil loudspeakers. Reduced distortion, clean transient response and extended low frequency capability really make a difference to subjective sound quality. No more bloom and boom, just deep, clean, fast and articulate bass. Active control allows for much smaller enclosures, too – good bass no longer means big boxes.

Consultancy services: With over 30 years’ real-world experience in power electronics, electrical machines and circuit design, and in management of engineering R&D, product design and business operations at a senior level, director/owner Mike Turner also offers consultancy services across a diverse range of engineering topics. These services are provided via ATRL under the trading name of “Active Power Consulting”.